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Siena Root (swe) + Radio Moon

24 Mai @ 19:30 - 23:30

19€ – 24€

Siena Root:

Swedish Root Rock Experience is the term the quintet SIENA ROOT uses to describe its music, and it is exactly this experience what makes the Swedes” new album “A Dream Of Lasting Peace” so attractive for the listener: an uncompromising mixture of robust riffs, masterly solos, beautiful organ sounds, driving rhythms and emotional vocals.

The new album “A Dream Of Lasting Peace” has indeed become the most versatile in the career of Siena Root; the band is moving between harmony, experiment and love for improvisation. Both upfront released singles “Tales Of Independence” and “No Filters” prove that. The first impresses with its bone dry riff, throbbing Led Zeppelin drums, extrovert vocals and an irresistible hook line in duet with the organ by Erik Petersson. “No Filters” on the other hand is a driving rock piece, boosted by Matte Gustavsson’s expressive guitar. Jazzy moments like in the musically delicate instrumental “Imaginarium” find their place on the album alongside the psychedelic blues of “The Piper Won’t Let You Stay” or the epic track “The Echoes Unfold” which is giving you goose bumps and ends the album with a grand gesture. With their unbelievable range of various styles the ten tracks show the musical ingenuity of the band.

+ Radio Moon:

Radio Moon ist eine neue Band aus Münster und wurde 2022 gegründet. Beim herum experimentieren mit Genres wie Blues Rock,Alternative,Grunge und Indi haben Sie ihren eigenen unverwechselbaren Sound gefunden. Alle Band-Mitglieder bringen viel Bühnenerfahrung aus anderen Bands mit. Im August 2023 wurde die erste EP „Go Alone“ veröffentlicht




24 Mai
19:30 - 23:30
19€ – 24€


Rare Guitar
Hafenstraße 64
Münster, 48153 Deutschland
0251 661601
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