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Krach am Bach präsentiert: Verstärker (USA)

9 Oktober @ 20:00 - 22:00


Honed on the sounds of krautrock, post-punk, no wave, and drone, American instrumental trio Verstärker is a sound and a vision united in the quest for motorik space exploration.


Their debut record – ‘Aktivität’ – was recorded in 2015 and released via their own SpaceLab Records. In 2018, Tonzonen Records gave the release its vinyl debut. As critic Renato Malizia of The Blog That Celebrates Itself states, ‘Aktivität’ is „forty-five minutes (that) lead you to hypnotic terrain, extra sensory sensations, cosmic spaces with repetitions, drones and loops in the service of the anti-song.“


Following on from their sold-out debut, which saw the band pick up a fast-growing reputation in the psych underground, Verstärker made numerous compilation appearances including Psych Against Cancer Vol. 1 and Reverb Conspiracy Vol. 6 from Fuzz Club.


Now set to release their second album, ‘Jenseits’ is due out October 27th 2023 on Fuzz Club. Five tracks spanning 45 minutes, ‘Jenseits’ is the band’s response to the modern dystopian world we now inhabit – taking on a heavier and even darker tone than what came before. “Everywhere, everything feels on the verge of collapse. We find our hope in the music and art. This is the future we are striving for,” explains guitarist J. Vitatoe. “Jenseits as a preposition means ‘beyond’ … This is where we were trying to go sonically with this record — beyond.”


Tickets: 10€ nur Abendkasse


9 Oktober
20:00 - 22:00


Krach Am Bach


Rare Guitar
Hafenstraße 64
Münster, 48153 Deutschland
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0251 661601
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